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The standard by which all infertility practices are judged is their IVF program. In November 2002, The Center for Reproductive Health introduced Joliet IVF, a brand new 1200 square foot IVF laboratory at our Crest Hill office. Our lab was designed and built from the ground up to be the most technologically advanced IVF laboratory in Chicago’s southwest and far west suburbs.

Our IVF program combines the Center for Reproductive Health’s dedication to compassionate, personalized care with a state of the art laboratory.

At Joliet IVF, our approach to couples going through our program is simple; we are thorough, we are precise and we emphasize frequent personal contact. Dr. Springer either personally performs or will review your ultrasound with you each time you come into the office for your IVF monitoring.

An IVF program is successful when all of its separate components are working in harmony. At Joliet IVF, our clinical team consisting of Dr. Springer, Eduardo Sanz, Director of Embryology, and our staff of infertility nurses, meet on a daily basis to review each patients progress and discuss changes in treatment plans and laboratory protocols.

For those website visitors who are interested in more detail about our outstanding IVF program, we have included an IVF overview which we give to all prospective IVF patients. If you should have any questions about the procedure, please do not hesitate to call us during our office hours.