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We appreciate you visiting our website and hope we are providing you with answers to many of your questions about our clinic. Our goal in the financial department is to assist you through the maze of your individual insurance plan, benefits, deductibles and covered services. Infertility care is not always a covered benefit, so we work very hard to give accurate and complete information to our patients every step of the way. We feel that YOU are best suited to make the decisions regarding your journey through this process.


We understand that the emotional toll is not just limited to the complicated science of fertility treatment or the psychological duress you may already be under. We know the financial piece of the puzzle is fraught with anxiety too, so we make it our goal to relieve you of that piece as much as possible.

Our Process

We will take down your information and provide you with a first appointment as soon as possible.

After meeting with Dr. Springer and then his nurse, we will provide you with your insurance benefits. We will have contacted your insurance company and verified important information such as annual deductibles and maximum patient responsibility. From this appointment you will know exactly what your maximum out of pocket costs will be so there are no surprises. We will inform you of your coverage for the upcoming testing the doctor may order.

Once testing is complete, Dr. Springer will recommend a treatment plan. We will again meet with you to let you know what your treatment coverage is so you may make the most informed decision for your treatment.

Should we discover that your insurance does not provide coverage for our services, we have designed affordable package pricing for your testing and treatment. There will be no surprises there.There are also local charitable foundations that offer grants for treatment. Please see the links below.

There are some procedures that may be covered while others are not. We will carve out the costs for the uncovered services for you ahead of time so that you may take advantage of partial benefits available.

In this ever changing healthcare environment, doctors offices are collecting patient portions for the services at the time of the visit. You will know ahead of time what these will be, but please be prepared for this.

If you should need to make monthly payments for your care, we have partnered up with the following HealthCare Lending institutions to assist you with a payment plan:

Charitable Organizations

The following links will take you to organizations that offer grants for the purpose of fertility treatment.

We hope this page helps you through the questions you may have about the financial issues that come with your care and treatment here. Please know we are your biggest advocate in this arena. Call or email us with any questions at any step along the way.Click here to change this text