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Care and treatment of the infertility patient is what we do.
It's our life's work.

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Our Mission

Dr. Scott Springer, our Medical Director, completed his Fellowship in Infertility at the University of Illinois in 1996. After spending 5 years in group practices, he was disenchanted with the larger practice mentality. He comments, “I found myself increasingly frustrated that so many infertility practices were following the model of more offices, more patients, where nurses and technicians were increasingly doing all of the work. I was lucky to see my patients once every three months. I knew there had to be a better way.

The “Better Way” is a doctor centered infertility practice. A practice where patients are taken care of by their doctor. A practice where the patient feels confident that the doctor is in charge of their care and they are not just a number. The Center for Reproductive Health is committed to providing couples with a more personal approach to infertility treatment. From your initial consultation through your treatment, you will be treated with the comfort and reassurance found only in one-to-one doctor to patient care.

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Recent News

Dr. Springer in the News

Dr. Springer was recently featured on Chicago's "Fox News in the Morning" about the "PCOS Diet".

Dr. Springer explains how "Complimentary Treatments" along with traditional IVF methods help improve infertility rates. Complimentary Treatments include proper diet, yoga, exercise and acupuncture to name a few.

Dr. Springer recommends the "Conception Diet" which is a form of low carb diet for patients suffering from PCOS.