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Understanding Your Health Insurance

The days of simple to understand, one plan fits all health insurance are long gone. Virtually all plans now contain high deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays and non-covered services. It is vital for you, our patient, to understand what all of these terms mean and how they will affect your out of pocket cost for treatment at...


The Trouble With Twins

Everybody loves twins. They’re cute, they dress alike and they often have a fascinating emotional bond which makes them the subject of everyone’s wonder. Whenever twins are spotted with their parents, we all take a minute to stare and comment. But more than anybody, infertility patients love twins. After years of struggling trying to start...


Embryo Biopsy or PGS

Hopefully, you’ve read in my previous blog, twin pregnancies are not optimal and can be associated with significant complications, for both mother and baby. In an attempt to eliminate triplets and minimize the chance of twins, our clinic has adopted the practice of elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) for the majority of our patients. Our...